Problem when running custom build u-boot


I am a biginner in Beagle board. I have tried mmc/sd beagle board
validation to make the board up according to the following link
and it was working fine.

My next step was to build a u-boot and replace the old u-boot.bin with
the custom build u-boot.
I have downloaded u-boot 2009.11.1, then configured and buit it for
beagle board.
The following was the output.

Texas Instruments X-Loader 1.4.2 (Feb 19 2009 - 12:01:24)
Reading boot sector
Loading u-boot.bin from mmc

U-Boot 2009.11.1 (Mar 17 2010 - 02:23:43)

OMAP3530-GP ES3.0, CPU-OPP2 L3-165MHz
OMAP3 Beagle board + LPDDR/NAND
I2C: ready
DRAM: 256 MB
NAND: 256 MiB
In: serial
Out: serial
Err: serial
Board revision C
Die ID #29c8000300000000040323091001a003
Hit any key to stop autoboot: 0
Unknown command 'mmcinit' - try 'help'
Booting from nand ...

NAND read: device 0 offset 0x280000, size 0x400000
4194304 bytes read: OK
Wrong Image Format for bootm command
ERROR: can't get kernel image!


The boot loader which i have built doesnt have support for "mmcinit"
but it supports "mmc init"
So i edited the boot argument "bootcmd" in u-boot/include/config/
omap3_beagle.h such a way that it should
execute mmc init but it is not getting reflected in the environment
variables . The environment variables are automatically taken from

Please help me how can i avoid this and make it to take the boot
arguments i have given in the u-boot.bin...Am i missing any config
options?or is there any pathches to aplly?? Please help me ....

The easiest option for you is to set the environment variable bootcmd
using setenv and then do a saveeenv to make it persistent in flash
memory. Execute those commands in the uboot prompt.


Want to clear all U-Boot environment variable?
Try to erase the U-Boot environment variable partition in the U-Boot prompt:

nand unlock 0x260000 0x20000

nand erase 0x260000 0x20000