Problem with BB-BONE-LCD3-01 revision 00A1 - no DT


I just received a BB-BONE-LCD3-01 display. On both the PCB and in the EEPROM it displays revision 00A1.

Kernel also sees it correctly:
slot #0: ‘BeagleBone LCD3 CAPE,00A1,Beagleboardtoys,BB-BONE-LCD3-01’

However in the am335x-bone-common.dtsi file there is no definition for the 00A1:

/* LCD3 cape */
cape@3 {
part-number = “BB-BONE-LCD3-01”;
version@00A0 {
version = “00A0”;
dtbo = “cape-bone-lcd3-00A0.dtbo”;
version@00A2 {
version = “00A2”;
dtbo = “cape-bone-lcd3-00A2.dtbo”;

My build is git://

Is this an issue or am I missing something?

  • Juha

I solved my problem by patching the common file for 00A1 but it turns out the cape dts file is full of mistakes, wrong GPIOs and pin muxes. After fixing that too it finally works. I will see if I can post the patches somewhere.

  • Juha