Problem with fonts under Angstrom 3.8, using FLTK

I have a BBB running with no display manager, but running XServer. With this set up I can use the FLTK toolkit to make applications. At some point we reached a good level of presentation where it’s now ready to test, etc. This is also with the LCD3 CAPE attached. We make a full screen app which uses an attached keyboard that is not a HID, we interpret the limited keys which are really UP/DOWN/LEFT/RIGHT/ENTER and drive the application this way.

The issue is that the fonts are small, also rendered fine but very limited styling.

FLTK allows font control, including TTF. We don’t need even TTF, we’d be fine with being able to control the size and styles of the fonts; such as larger pitch and bold.

A FLTK test application was run to report on the list of fonts available in the system, there are others, but primarily helvetica, courier, and times showed up as well as the capabilities to make them bold and italic. These control attempts from within the app yield no errors, but also yield no results. We just see the text as always, rendered in plain form, same sized.

Wondering if anyone else has run into this.

I first brought forth this question to the FLTK forum and did parallel efforts between my BBB and my Ubuntu workstation. The workstation shows a great deal of fonts, and things work properly there. So FLTK doesn’t seem to have any magic that I’m failing to follow. And as said, I’m not trying to employ TTF or anything special.

The only caveat is that the Ubuntu desktop is running a full desktop display manager, whereas the BBB is not running a display manager at all.

Before I try to configure a small DM and strip it down so that I can have a full screen application, are there any suggestions with my current form? Are there font packages that could be installed? I’ve seen this display run some form of display manager, be that gnome or whatever the BBB comes with, so I know it is capable of pretty good graphics.

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