problem with LXDE

Hi members,

I installed ubuntu and LXDE on BeagleBone Black successfully.

(following below page,

but after LXDE login, background(brown color) is not change. so I only can see the mouse cursor and brown background.

what’s situation??? do you know the solution?

I’ll wait your reply.

thank you.

This has been an issue with Ubuntu 13.04 and any sort of desktop on the BBB. Your best bet would be to try the 12.04 Precise. That works much better. I also believe I saw a solution from Robert C Nelson at one point. If I find that I will link you to it.
Either way, you’d be better off with Debian Wheezy or Ubuntu Precise.


Oh thank you.

I almost see a bug in LXDE 13.04 version.

*NOTE: LXDE on this version of Ubuntu is very buggy. Issues include a long boot-up time, missing mouse cursor, and the taskbar may fail to show up after login. If these problems arise, you may try to power down your BBB and then re-apply power while holding down the ‘boot’ button until the USER LEDs begin to flicker.

so what’s the different between ‘raring’ and ‘precise’ version?? is it trivial??

There is where it is discussed.

I’m not really sure of the technical difference between the two versions but the installation method is nearly identical. Precise just works better with GUI desktops.