Problem with SPI normal state BeagleBone Black

I have some problem with spi

I use BeagleBone Black to write eprom by using. after it finish writing EPROM and the EPROM is read by other controller there is no problem

but after I reboot controller (BBB still operate) it can not read data from EPROM after i checked with scope

I saw that some SPI pin act like a ground that make other controller cannot get the data because they always connected together

right now my solution is just setting the pin mode back to gpio

so is this a normal state pin of SPI?
is there any solution without swapping pin mode?

I’m using kernel 3.8.13-xenomai-r78 with debian version 7.8 and it occured to me too when i was using the newest image debian version 9.4

spi is not really meant to have 2 masters on the same bus.
I am sure you can figure something out using extra gpio pins to tell the
when the other master wants access.