Problem with TiWi-BLE cape beaglebone isnt working,

Hi all, I recently bought beaglebone black and also i a wifi cape in .

But im having big trouble to make it work.

Beaglebone works fine alone, but when i put the cape on it, dont work and as can you see in the picture the light are always turned on without blink.

which may be the reason for this happening?

I have aslo tried just connecting the DC power on and the LAN cable but it happens the same.

Did you check here?


Sorry i have opened another thread by mistake.

ihave seen the link, so TIWI-BLE is not compatible with beaglebone black??? :S

In have bought it in they sell it with

That is correct. No SW for it and there are HW conflicts which can damage the BeagleBone Blackā€¦