Problems in Enabling USB wi-fi using Android kernel on BeagleBoard

Hi All,

I am trying to enable USB wifi dongle using Androi kernel on Beagle Board. I reached till enabling the device up.
If i do netcfg it showing after some struggle


lo UP 0x00000049
usb0 UP 0x00001043
wmaster0 UP 0x00001043
wlan0 UP 0x00001003

But after that to get ip address if i use dhcpcd iam getting below mentioned problems and iam not able to configure the IP address to wifi

dhcpcd -d wlan0

wlan0: dhcpcd 4.0.1 starting
wlan0: hardware address = 00:22:6b:a9:5c:c4
wlan0: executing /system/etc/dhcpcd/dhcpcd-run-hooks', reason PREINIT wlan0: waiting for carrier wlan0: host does not support a monotonic clock - timing can skew wlan0: timed out wlan0: executing /system/etc/dhcpcd/dhcpcd-run-hooks’, reason FAIL