Problems with BBB USB serial communication and Windows 10


I’m running a StarterWare 2 based application on an BBB which makes use of a USB serial interface implementation based on the StarterWare example and by using a .inf-File which is similar to “usb_dev_serial.inf” which was provided by TI in same StarterWare package. Of course VID and PID have been changed according to my own USB serial interface implementation.

This works well with all Windows-versions up to 7 (8.x was never tested) and also with all Linux variants. But now with Windows 10 there is a problem which was reported by different users of this application:

  • opening of the serial interface often fails, simple repeating of the procedure then is successful latest after 10 tries
  • sometimes an already opened connection seem to be corrupted, means there is no more communication possible, host application needs to be closed, device needs to be restarted - but after this, the same COM-port is available again, Windows does not change numbering

So: is anything known about such problems in Windows 10 ? Perhaps are there any changes necessary in an INF-file or in USB serial interface code to make it work with Windows 10? Is there anything similar known from the Linux Kernel of the BBB?

Any hint or idea is welcome!

This is a bug in Windows 10. There are a lot of similar complaints in MSDN forums. The bad news: only complaints, the bug never has been fixed by MS.