Problems with dvi and Angstrom


i have installed Angstrom on my sd-card and it boots without errors,
as i can see on ther serial output. I can browse the filesystem with
Hyperterminal, and everything seems to work alright. However i only
have a black screen on my dvi-connected monitor. If i start the board
without the sd-card inserted, the monitor is orange, if i start it
with Angstrom, it's black and i have an error message on the monitor
saying "video mode not supported". As i have a signal on the monitor,
if i don't use Angstrom, i think the settings of the board should be
ok ? Do i have to do any additional configuration in Angstrom ?

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in u-boot you can define a variable “dvimode” like:

setenv dvimode 640x480MR-16@60

2010/6/8 tobizi <>