Problems with RS232


I received my Beagleboard rev C2 a couple of days ago and I'm having problems connecting to it using teraterm & RS232.
When I try and connect to it all I get are a few characters of garbage.
I'm using a USB serial adaptor & a null modem cable. I've tested both of these by connecting it to another PC running hyperterminal and I could send text between the computers.
I've looked at the docs and I'm following them as far as I can tell (115200, 8N1, no HW flow control).
Also I can connect to it using the USB gadget interface so the board seems to be working fine.
Has anyone else experienced anything like this?


Typically this is because you have the wrong cables. Refer to section 12 and 13 of the System Reference Manual. It will show you how to check the cables fo the proper configuration.