Product announcement: Audio Experimenter's Cape

Hello Beaglebone Hackers,

I would like to announce general availability of a new cape for the
Beaglebone Black and the Beaglebone Green, the ADC-001. The ADC-001
is a two-channel A/D cape designed for experimentation with audio
signals. It is designed an manufactured by Electroniscript, inc. The
cape is an open-hardware/software project; the target audience includes
hobbyists, students, and researchers.

The ADC-001 can take data in either single-sample or in multiple
sampled data mode. As input it takes microphone-level input
signals; the cape includes a high-gain mic amp which brings the input
signal level up to the magnitude required for sampling by an A/D
converter. A companion microphone, MIC-001, is also available from
Electroniscript. The frequency response of the circuit runs from 50Hz
– 15kHz, so the unit is well-suited for voice or audio signal
processing applications.

Target applications for the ADC-001 include:

  • Sound capture and analysis.
  • Audio signal processing.
  • Audio-frequency data acquisition.
  • Embedded sensors and controllers.
  • DSP algorithm prototyping and development.
  • Education, research, and development.

More information about the ADC-001 hardware platform, including
usage information and schematics, is available on
GitHub under:

Source code (GPLv3) and configuration instructions to use the ADC-001
is available for download under:

The ADC-001 may be purchased at BNM-Hobbies:
Also, more information on the ADC-001 and the MIC-001 is available at the BNM-Hobbies website.

Thank you for your interest,
Stuart Brorson
Electroniscript, inc.