programming using bluetooth dongle


I am making an autonomous navigation robot using beagle board. I was wondering that is there a way by which I can attach bluetooth dongle to programming port and program using the same. I had already tried using externally powered female USB to female USB. But, the bluetooth dongle is not detected.


You should be able to use a standard bluetooth dongle without problems
(I did), but it might be needed to load some kernel modules first.
Goggle around, this is not difficult and there are plenty of places
with information on how to get bluetooth working under linux (and
beagleboard is not different from other linux systems).



I have been able to use bluetooth dongle from the usb port of the
beagle board. But, I wish to programme it using bluetooth. It doesn't
work from the programming port(UART port). I have googled a lot for
the same, but am unable to find a suitable link.


Hello Jinn,
I’m working on the same work as you now. I want to use one BBB as a transmitter and another BBB as a receiver and program them. Currently BBB could find the dongle, and after running hcitool scan, it can detect devices such as my PC. But it cannot pair with PC. Do you have any suggestions and can you program it now? Thanks!