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My name is Sergio Valverde and I’m a student at Universidad de Costa Rica. I came across the projects developed by students for Google Summer of Code and I’m very interested in collaborating with you if any project of those is still available. While I have not used your boards a lot, I’m a big fan of the work Beagleboard has been doing over the past years. I’m also eager to participate in an open source project, especially one that involves Linux device drivers and Kernel hacking.

I’m currently finishing my licentiate (“licenciatura”) degree, which would be a degree between bachelor and master here in Costa Rica. For graduation, it requires a bachelor-level thesis, so I wanted to know if you have a project that has that kind of scope (or if I can propose one) and if it would be available for a student like me to collaborate.

My background is in electronic engineering and I’m currently working as an embedded software developer in Hewlett Packard Enterprise in Costa Rica. I’m working in a SDK team for a networking ASIC and my main duties have involved building firmware images with Yocto, writing Linux device drivers for PCIe and coding software to interface high-level functions with hardware registers.

I’m really looking forward for whatever information you can give me in this matter. I attached my resume to this mail and my Linkedin profile URL is

Hopefully we can work together, I think you’re awesome.
Sergio Valverde

curriculum-vitae-en.pdf (135 KB)

Hello Sergio,

thanks for the interest in Beagleboard and Google Summer of Code.
GSoC 2016 is currently under way, but you can apply for the 2017
programme once it has been announced and if gets picked
as one of the mentoring organisations. Until then we invite you to stay
with us here, one the general Beagleboard mailing list and as part of
the overall community.




Maybe you could say a little about what kinds of application domains you’re interested in for thesis (and beyond)? Robotics? Some specific data processing task? Satellites? Medical devices? Other?

I’m pretty sure we can point you to some things, maybe suggest a committee member (if you need one from the outside). I had an “outside” math guy on my committee…

Regards, Steve

Thanks a lot for answering me Steve!

I’d actually prefer working on medical devices if it’s at all possible. It’s something I’ve been interested for some time now but I’ve never really had the chance to do a related project.

I don’t actually need an outside committee member but I would appreciate it, just to get an outside opinion of it all.

Thanks again,

Have you seen OpenQPCR? I’m not sure of the architecture, but I’d guess some PRU-based motor control optimization should be possible.

There are also a couple of basic sample designs provided by TI for the
medical device arena on their webiste for the AM335X line, which
includes beaglebones and related industrial EVMs and such:

Medical devices are regulated by FDA based on the device/risk class;
actually producing/manufacturing one involves a lot of associated
regulatory work, validation/test, documentation, etc.