Project Open Smart Meter with Beaglebone

Hello everybody!

I am completing a first part of a project called Open Smart Meter. The initial idea was to develop a project ready for the Smart Grid system with open standard.
I will present this work in college as I finish the course in Control Engineering and Automation, but I intend to continue the project in collaboration with more people.
The project site is:
It is in Portuguese for now, but I intend to move to English.

Factors such as safety should be improved, but I have a long road ahead.

What do you think?

It looks like an interesting architecture, but you are going to need
to demonstrate some functionality and provide some code to attract
other developers to utilize it and extend it. I'd recommend hooking
into some existing libraries and infrastructure. I'd welcome patches
to Bonescript to include features like COSM integration.

Perhaps you should also register your project at

I am currently very unhappy with how that page looks and will be
working improving its load time and the ability to discover projects.

Hi NJ, I’d like to work with you on that project, I’ve already a patent pending similar project, but hope we can exchange ideas, may be we move it commercial too :wink: I will send you a separate email. Regards, SJ