Projects Outside of GSoC?

Hello…I am very curious right now and starting to build projects from the older BBAI-64 and beaglev boards.

I also want to get the newer beagley-ai board to test. Um, are there any people outside of GSoC now building projects with their boards and are you available to share your project?

For instance, if you have a github or gitlab account and want to have people help on the Open Source project and so on…maybe post it here?


P.S. I will keep trying to post about projects I find and keep making things in time. I have slowed down due to reading less these days. So, my building is not as keen on porting ideas, source, and hardware around the boards.


Um, if you are in fact building, maybe we can swap stories or source? Open Source stories are as good as gold and source put together at times. The more, the merrier.

For instance, you can find my small giving back page here: De Funct -

There used to be more additions but recently I had a fit and erased a bunch. I could not find time to update/upgrade the data and make it ported, 'dat source, to the BBB and the rest of the boards in question. If anyone has ideas or wants specifics built, please allow time and work for completion and protocol. I can do it in time with a little help (maybe).