Prototyping Mux Settings?

We are thinking of taking the Beaglebone schematic and putting it on a board to suit our own system form factor. We will also include graphics and serial connectors to suit our product.

I am not clear on what we need to do to get the standard Angstrom image to support our hardware. I’ve found bits and pieces on the net but nothing that makes it clear for me. Any links that explain would be appreciated. I don’t see it in the SRM.

I have tried to prototype an LVDS interface using bread boarding, by copying the LCD4 schematic but it does not work. There doesn’t appear to be any pixel clock or other signals present for the graphics on the connectors.

  1. Somewhere I found it said that the EEPROM is not necessary - is that correct?

  2. If I don’t have the EEPROM, are the RGB pinmuxes for the graphics set up by default in the Beaglebone image?

  3. I’ve seen uEnv.txt being mentioned as the place to change screen resolution - does changing that file involve rebuilding the kernel & uboot?
    I’d like to get answers for these for starters, if I could!