PRU-Cookbook and Ideas from Linux/TI/Software

Hey…I am usually not the one to boast about the PRU capabilities or even use them as I am not experienced in utilizing them (for now).

Anyway, here goes it…

  1. Getting Started — BeagleBoard Documentation is the link I am reviewing.
  2. Linux BeagleBone 5.10.168-ti-r77 #1bookworm SMP PREEMPT Wed Feb 28 21:12:02 UTC 2024 armv7l GNU/Linux is my image
  3. Debian Bookworm IoT Image 2023-10-07 is the output of cat /etc/dogtag.
  4. Now, which derivative of the software would one get to utilize the PRUs onboard the am335x?
    a. I found many ideas with apt search.
    b. libpruio-modules-5.10.168-ti-r77/unknown,now 1bookworm armhf [installed,automatic] is what I found recently that is installed…
    c. ti-pru-software-v6.3/unknown,now 6.3.0-0bbbio1~bookworm+20240117 armhf [installed] is what I installed thinking I could work with the PRU-Cookbook “willy-nilly”.

Anyway, if you are an experienced user with the PRUSS, please send guidance. I will be testing soon, i.e. as my house animal ruined my circuitry recently. Now, instead of rebuilding, I am going full fledged into the PRU-Cookbook!


P.S. Rations at will!

We have 2 cats at work and when you walk away from your keyboard just be sure all the windows are closed/minimized.

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Two times the trouble…

I have a half of the trouble. One cat. I am not even sure how it transpired to talk me into getting a cat or whom actually did the talking.

Anyway, I am going to try the 6.3 version for the PRUSS with the UIO .dtbo file and see how far I get.

I think RemotePROC was used though in 4.19.x. Reading on the way!


We have 1 senior house cat, 2 at work and 7 at the farm.

Have you studied up on IPC (inter-process communication), might be better documented and have some parallelism to the Rproc in the Ti chip.

No. I have not studied the IPC on the BBB.


P.S. Well, I have studied some. I may be wrong. At first glance of the acronym IPC, I do not recall at all that I read about it. I did read about all the different ways one can interface with the PRU from User Space.

I remember reading someone said something about Rproc and how this organization plans on moving towards that end result. Now, is it true? No clue. Where did I read it, I do not recall. Maybe the discord…

Anyway, I have some docs. on the PRUSS and the TRM goes into, well it did, it in some detail. I even picked up some CLPRU and PASM stuff from years of being an onlooker but without getting my hands dirty on the builds. Just reading…

have you looked at Turnkey PRU deskclock application for BBB ?

I ‘published’ it exactly for those wanting to get started with the PRU… it uses mucho IPC (2 ring buffers)…

you would just need to get the ILI9341 device ($15 amazon), a bread board, some jumpers and an optional but highly recommended oscilloscope.

or if you prefer a simpler derivative, I have also published an image which drives the WS2812B led panel (mine was 16x16, but any smaller size could easily be driven). WS2812B support (neopixel)

both of these images use the PRU turnkey, using remoteproc and run fine from a uSD card. they both show how you can set up pins at boot time and drive the device from text, rather than ‘c’ calls. They also include ‘asm’ libraries for stack processing and IPC

details in the links that I provided

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Thank you. I will review it…I may just whine some about things not working out in the PRU-Cookbook.


P.S. I reviewed the PRU Desk Clock a while back. I will revisit it again.