PRU examples are half there

I’m starting to build up some remoteproc-based examples for the PRU and found a bunch of examples here: /usr/lib/ti/pru-software-support-package/examples.

But the examples are only half there. That is, the code is present for the PRU side but not the ARM side.

For example, PRU_PRUtoARM_Inaterrupt shows the PRU code to send an interrupt to the ARM, but there is no example code for the ARM side.

Anyone know where the ARM code is?



Did you look at ?

Yup, all I see is the PRU code, no ARM code.


That’s a great help. Is the documentation for the example?


I remember seeing both sides of the code for this interrupt example but it was for bare bone NOT linux. Its been 6 months and I’m not sure if that helps you. My focus/interest is primarily the chip level(register level) not API(remote proc).
If it your interested I could do some digging. I want to say I saw it on a wiki for omap l138 I was working on which is ARM + PRU + DSP

Yeah, I haven’t worked on this for a while, but from what I remember, the ARM side sends out 200 ping messages to the PRU and the PRU responds to each interrupt with a reply, which the ARM side prints out. Look for the PING example for the PRU, load the firmware and then load this Kernel Module.


BTW, I seem to remember that I had to modify the code to work because RPMSG use to use mailbox to exchange messages, but that was changed to use Interrupts. I believe Jason Reeder from TI helped me get this working.