PRU phandle is changing

I’m writing a kernel driver that needs to control the PRUs’ state using rproc_boot(…)/rproc_shutdown(…) from linux/remoteproc.h. The functions take a struct rproc * as argument. I tried using rproc_get_by_phandle(...) to get the reference to the PRUs. The problem is that the phandles are actually different from one installation to the other. E.g. after flashing a fresh image, the PRU phandles could be 0xF4 and 0xF5. The next time, after flashing the image, the phandles are 0xF6 and 0xF7. They seem, however, to remain the same, if I don’t flash a new image.

  • Why are the phandles different between one image and the other?

  • Is there a way to fix them, such that I reliable get pointers to the PRUs with rproc_get_by_phandle()?

  • Is there another, better way to reliably get struct rproc *s to the PRUs?


Hi! I’m facing the same issue… Have you found a way to get pruss running from kernel module?

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Which kernel version are you using? Can you post your DTS changes?

Yes, it is expected phandle to have different value for different DTBs. See

Personally I found it much easier to use rpmsg, which sits on top of remoteproc. The mainline example is short and easy to follow:

Yes, RPMSG it’s a bit heavy, but you do get a nice RPC. Also, any necessary DTS changes are part of recent beagleboard debian images. I’ve published my simple driver: