PRU pinmux mode values

Hello all,

what is the correct mode value for PRU r30 (output) mode?
I am finding conflicting information: - the table on this page lists mode
0x25 for output and 0x06 for input

0x25 would be 0x20 (IEN - input receiver enabled?) | mode 0x05
0x06 would be just mode 0x06 with IDIS - receiver disabled

Is this correct? Why does it have the receiver enabled for output and
disabled for input?

For pru0_r30_14 and pru0_r30_15 it also lists mode 0x25, but from what I
can find in other tables, those require mode 0x06 for output.
Shouldn't that then be 0x26?

Note 1 and Note 2 on that page say you have to put GPIO0_20 and GPIO0_7
into input mode to use pru0_r30_4 and 6 what is the correct mode for
that? I came up with 0x2f (mode 7 for gpio | IEN) but I'm not so sure now.

thank you