PRU pins on BBAI

I see that the SRM[1] ([2] is easier to read) for the BBAI shows that some PRU pins appear at 2 of the P8/P9 header pins.

Is this really so?



Can you highlight which ones? I didn’t think this was the case. Ultimately, I’ll just track it down with the schematics and pinmux tool.

If you could add comments on, that would be the most direct for me.

A quick glance at the table in the SRM and then a quick glance at for pr2_pru0_gpi2 seems to indicate there are 2 balls where it can come out (AD4 and F9):


So, yes, it is likely to be correct.

It’s not a problem. I’m just surprised to see several on the ICSS2 PRU0 pins are attached to the header in two places.