[PRU] Reading from DDR RAM

I have tried to adapt an example where the host program writes a value to the ddr memory and the pru reads these values and outputs the values to a gpio pin.
but somehow i did not manage to read the correct data from the memory. i am new to this topic (especially memory management), so this might be a simple question, but i somehow don’t get this right.

using prussdrv_get_phys_addr in the host program gives me a physical address of 0x9f700000 (it somehow always gives me this value ?), which i send to the pru with an array created by prussdrv_map_prumem.

is this the correct adress to read data from in the pru or do i have to use a different one? I think i have missunderstood something, so if anyone knows the solution or a good source for learning to use these kind of things, i would appreciate any help.
also if someone knows a way to display a register’s value (without ccs), please let me know.

I’d recommend to use PRU shared memory for communication between PRU and main core. From main cores point of view base address of this memory is 0x4a310000, from PRUs point of view it is 0x00010000