PRU 'SLP' instruction

While compiling some PRU code with pasm v1 i found something interesting.
The “slp” instruction actually compiles to two instructions: 271) : 0x00c0 = 0x3e000000 : slp 0 271) : 0x00c1 = 0x10000000 : slp 0

The first instruction (3e 00 00 00) is “slp 0”, while the second (10 00 00 00) is “and r0, r0, r0”.
Does anyone know why does it emit two instructions?
(Maybe PRU ignores the instruction after “slp” when waking up from sleep?)


Just guessing: The first instruction after wakeup is being ignored, or behaves unreliable under some circumstances. Therefore a NOP was added right after the sleep.
-- Bas