PRU support package for BeagleBone and BeagleBone Black (am335x) updated to support previously undocumented features

See for the release


  • Assembler source and binaries updated to support v2 instructions (supported by existing hardware)
  • Bumped up source file max (64)
  • Fixed issue with coding of LOOP with distance >127
  • Added support for mixed MVI formats using “*&”
  • Software manifest updated
  • am335xPRUReferenceGuide.pdf updated with hardware multiplier, scratch pad and new instructions
  • 01-AM335x_PRU_ICSS_Overview.pdf updated for v2
  • 02-AM18x_PRUSS_to_AM335x_PRU-ICSS_Software_Migration_Guide.pdf updated with previously undocumented deltas

Testing performed by me in the release process:

  • Verified with following commands:
    cd am335x_pru_package/pru_sw/app_loader/interface
    CROSS_COMPILE="" make
    cd …/…/utils/pasm_source
    mv …/utils/pasm …/utils/pasm_2
    cd …/…/example_apps/
    CROSS_COMPILE="" make
    echo BB-BONE-PRU-01 > /sys/devices/bone_capemgr.8/slots
    modprobe uio_pruss
    cd bin
  • Output from execution:
    INFO: Starting PRU_memAccess_DDR_PRUsharedRAM example.
    INFO: Initializing example.
    INFO: Executing example.
    File ./PRU_memAccess_DDR_PRUsharedRAM.bin open passed
    INFO: Waiting for HALT command.
    INFO: PRU completed transfer.
    Example executed succesfully.


Adding back the "deprecated" instructions and documentation is very
much appreciated!!!