Any sample or steps on how to send / receive on UART using PRU in BeagleBone Black?
I successfully run the PRU examples especially Blinking LED, but now I need to connect my BBB to external device like ZigBee vis UART.
Thank you.

If you are doing ZigBee, I’d recommend the Python XBee module. It works very well for me. I’m using UART2 on /dev/ttyO2.

I’ve recently done something like this just 3 weeks ago.

I started with using the omap-serial-rs485.c driver (TI). I made some modifications (blink some LEDs) to the driver and have it compiled in the kernel at

I then modified the am335x-boneblack.dts file to make sure the proper registers were exposed; I’m not a big fan of device tree, it’s not very helpful imho. However, I had to live with it (this is a no-whine zone, right?).

So, find a driver for your UART and make sure your .dts is setup properly. There’s no simple answer to your question, sadly, and it’ll take a lot of elbow grease on your behalf to figure it out… but we’re having fun, right?