PRUs and High Altitude Balloon project (re-post from Beaglebone group)

(re-post from Beaglebone group)

I’m part of a team that intends to launch an HAB (high altitude balloon) in early Spring 2015 and am wondering if the BBB might be useful as part of the rig/payload. Specifically, I’m wondering if anywhere here…

  1. Has launched a BBB on board an HAB (or even small sat/nano-satellite) rig and have any general advice from their own experience? Or specific advice regarding sensor usage (accelerometer, temp, etc.) on board a payload while using a BBB?

  2. Would have any advice on using the BBB to possibly control a gimball with the PRUs? The balloon’s payload includes an array of GoPro cameras; wind speeds en route to LEO (low Earth orbit) can be pretty severe, making video quality problematic. If we can smooth out the camera position using some kind of RT correction mechanism – perhaps with the BBB’s on board PRUs – I think that would be an interesting use case for the BBB’s subsystem.

Thanks for any thoughts.