Public StarterWare repository on


since there is no further development in TI’s official StarterWare, there is a public repository available now at (GIT: )

This is not only the plain, stupid, original StarterWare code but an already enhanced version:

  • BeagleVone Black patch already included
  • several fixes and corrections are included that have been reported at but never became part of a new release
  • lwIP was switched back to original version 1.4.0, TI’s strange modifications have been revoked and a parameter has been added to init-function to check if PHY initialisation was successful or not
  • code for MMC access has been added
  • definitions and code for PRU usage has been added
  • FatFS has been updated to version 0.10b
  • several driver functions for accessing hardware have been added
  • may be I forgot some other changes…
    This of course can only be successful with contributions by the community, so every kind of help and feedback is welcome!


Don't really know what this is about, but looking at it seems a "community
fork" is worth mentioning on that page.

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> there is a public repository available now at
> (GIT: )

Can you describe starterware in a sentence or two?

'Bare metal' drivers, including USB device and (limited) host, thread management and a FATXX file system.