purchasing beagleboard-xM

Hi, I’m interested in buying beagleboard-xM(BB-XM-00).
It’s hard to buy this board.

Is beagleboard-xM(BB-XM-00) discontinued or planning discontinued?Not available to purchase from the seller lists on beagleboard.org.

Please anyone tell me the place to buy beagleboard-xM(BB-XM-00).

We build based on orders from distributors. They place orders based on demand. I believe a batch was built a couple of weeks. I do not where they were shipped to.


Hi Gerald,

I’ve been trying to buy a couple of xMs for a while now. The distributors all say they can’t get a delivery date from the manufacturer. Do you know what’s going on?


. Unless the distributors order boards, we do not build boards. We don’t get orders but rarely every now and then. Lead time is about 12 weeks.

We cannot build one or two boards. If we did it would cost about $500 board. We need a large order to make it worth doing.


i'm curious ... given the regularity with which people ask for a BB
xM, what exactly is the appeal of that board? are there not newer
boards that bring the same features to the table?


I know there's a few users who built their end product around the
xM's.. (as it's still cheaper then a few of the som's available for
the dm3730)


Well, all the data is out there to build their own. It is hard to justify building these 10 at a time for people. Shutting down a line for a day for setup and re-setup is expensive.If everyone gets together and can get the quantity up to 500 and get a distributor to place an order, then we can build,000 boards and make it possible.

I guess me saying not for use in products and the reasons why were valid after all. Again, all the information is there for anyone to build as many as they like. I think we have a build planned for 500 for Digikey, but I am not sure when.


so one appeal is just historical precedent. as for the other, last
year, i bought a zoom dm3730 dev kit:


is it safe to say that with this board, i really don't have any
pressing need to keep my xM around? strictly from a technical view, i


I’m curious if there is any more information on this. Mouser has an 100 on order with no delivery date. Will some xm’s hit distributors soon or have we seen the last of them?

Hi Gerald. I am curious if there is any more information on this. Mouser shows 100 on order with no delivery date. Will a new run of the xMs ever make it to distributors or have we seen the last of them?



We have shipped 400 over th last two weeks. That is all the orders we have open at the moment. Not sure about the mouser statement. I know Digi-key received 175.
We are not in a position to set up a line just to run one board. so we need more quantities.

I iwll check and see when we may have enough to setup the line for -xM.


Hi Gerald,

Thanks for the reply. To be clear, did you mean that you shipped 400 -xMs and Digikey received 175 of them or are you referring to a different board? If they are the -xM, don’t tell anyone!

Thanks again. Brian

Typically, if a distributor needs say 200 boards, that means they have already sold 200 boards.


We are planning a build of 1,000 the latter part of November. PCBs are on order. Not sure how many of those will show up for new demand or will go to fill back orders.