pwm pinmux

I’ve just gotten pwm working through sysfs drivers on my beaglebone black. Now I’m looking more in depth into the different things I can do with it, and I can’t seem to find any information on a few signals. I’m using derek molloy’s charts for the headers (which he compiled from the BBB SRM)

I see the following signals that I believe relate to PWM:
ehrpwm2B (P8_13)
ehrpwm2_tripzone_in (P8_14)
ehrpwm0_synco (P8_17)
ehrpwm2A (P8_19)
ehrpwm1B (P8_34)
ehrpwm1A (P8_36)
ehrpwm1_tripzone_in (P8_37)
ehrpwm0_synco (P8_38)
ehrpwm2_tripzone_in (P8_43)
ehrpwm0_synco (P8_44)
ehrpwm2A (P8_45)
ehrpwm2B (P8_46)

ehrpwm1A_mux1 (P9_14)
ehrpwm1_tripzone_input (P9_15)
ehrpwm1B_mux1 (P9_16)
ehrpwm0_synci (P9_17)
ehrpwm0_tripzone (P9_18)
ehrpwm0B (P9_21)
ehrpwm0A (P9_22)
ehrpwm0_synco (P9_23)
eCAP2_in_PWM2_out and ehrpwm0_synci (P9_28)
ehrpwm0B (P9_29)
ehrpwm0_tripzone (P9_30)
ehrpwm0A (P9_31)
pr1_ecap0_cap_capin_apwm_o and eCAP0_in_PWM0_out (P9_42)

I understand what all the signals mean except for a few. They’re probably just due to the fact that notation changed, but I wanted to make sure before I structured projects around the wrong information.

Is there a difference between ehrpwm1A_mux1 and ehrpwm1A?
Is there a difference between ehrpwm1_tripzone_in and ehrpwm1_tripzone_input?
What is pr1_ecap0_cap_capin_apwm_o?


I also have similar questions. I have a robot with 24 servos and I am wondering if I can control all of them straight from the BBB board. Can all of these pins be used for PWM if mapped as such in the device tree?