PyQt on Angstrom

Hi everyone, I would like to ask a small question here. I’m trying to install pyqt4 on the beaglebone black with Angstrom distribution. But I’ve found several problems to be listed, but now I’ve got rid of most of them, except one, PyQt installation asks for something called qmake file, which I don’t know where it can be.

As far as I’ve advanced I’ve got this

  1. Install SIP (Done)
  2. Install QT (Done, whether I don’t know if here is the problem, as I installed qt-embedded form opkg)
  3. Install PyQt4 (I’m trying to install this one

What I want to get is that the GUI, a very simple one by the moment, that I’ve designed on my desktop computer from qt designer and using pyuic4 I’ve “translated” it to python language, runs on the beagle bone black desktop. As the first thing this will try to do is import PyQtCore and of course it isn’t installed, I need to install it first.

Thanks for any help or comment in advance.