Python 3.7/3.7.1 in latest image based on Debian 9.5?

Hello, I am thinking about a Beaglebone project which will require Python 3.7.
Does the latest image based on Debian 9.5 include, or available via apt, this latest version of Python?

I want the latest and greatest “event loop” with async and await features from asyncio module.


Debian 9.x (stretch) shipped with python3: 3.5.3

Right now, Debian (buster) (released in April 2019) currently has python3: 3.7.1

Feel free to utilze our "buster" weekly iot image:

But be warned, it's not finalized yet...


Excellent! This gives me the incentive to upgrade.
Python is deploying compelling new features. Time to exercise them!