Python OpenCV code runnig on BBB interacting with the PRUs


I recently bought a BBB to run an eye tracking opencv code. I am a novice in this area so please dont get frustrated if the question seems silly. How do i make the opencv code interact with the PRUs on the BBB? The motive is to use PRU controlled servo motors to move the camera (for faster realtime operations), but since PRUs are just mere microcontrollers that cannot run opencv (opencv running on the Debian OS on BBB), how do i link the code running on the OS and the PRUs?

I intend to use python for the opencv code. I’m open to further clarification on my question just thought that this might be a starting point.

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IIRC, the PRU’s are memory mapped so you could “talk” to the PRU using that memory. If none of that makes sense to you then you have a learning curve ahead of you before you’ll be even close to ready to write software for the PRU to control your servos.

Might I suggest you write your software to control the servo(s) in Python first and see how well it reacts with your OpenCV program. If that’s not fast enough then port the servo software to C++ and if that is not fast enough you would then have enough understanding of your project, software development in C and the BBB to start porting your servo code to the PRU(s).

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I will try that and get back to you with results i get.