Python vs C vs (other) for fast embedded applications

Like many others I am interested in the price performance ratio offered by B^3 compared to more simple SBC’s such as Arduino etc.

I see that Python has some good IO driver support already, but I’m not sure what exists for C programmers.

I’d like to try some audio frequency sampling and recording to SD card on B^3 and I’m not sure if I should try it in Python or would I be wasting my time? Would it be fast enough?

I don’t want to use off the shelf linux programs for this as I need to do other stuff during the recordings…

How are people getting on with accessing all the interesting hardware available on this board?

the BBB runs Linux, so anything that runs on Linux should run on the BBB as well

. As an aside, apps written using a scripting language should be nearly if not as fast as their C counterparts. However, apps written in a scripting language ( Perl, python, C# etc ) Will almost always use more CPU to perform the same tasks.

Also B^3 take just as long or longer to type than BBB . . . help yourself by avoiding confusion. :).