QNX 6.5.SP1 in Beaglebone Black


We are trying to use QNX 6.5.SP1 on beaglebone black .

We were using it for the board revision RevB6. However, when we try to use the same image on beagle revision RevC, the operating system does not run.

Do you have any suggestions regarding that?


Plug in a serial port adapter into j1 and verify they are running the same version of uboot…



Thanks for the reply.

The u-boot is indeed different.

I realized, in the RevC boards we got, it seems emmc is changed.(older revb6 boards uses Micron, RevC is using a Kingston emmc) Could this be the issue?


Fix that so, both are using the same working version.

RevC has shipped with a number of different 4GB modules since it’s introduction…

RevB’s only shipped with 2GB modules.