QNX on beagleboard

Hi All,

Has anyone used qnx for beagleboard successfully? I want to try it.
But found very little over the internet. Can anyone
point me to information of how to get start with QNX on beagleboard?

Thanks a lot.


http://beagleboard.org/project/QNX+Neutrino+on+OMAP/ ?


Thanks for the webpage. I did looked there and downloaded their bsp package. I
uncompress it in to a folder and looked at readme. That is as far as I
can reach.
I hope that someone can post a step by step instructions to bring my beagleboard
alive. Does such thing even exist?

Best regards,



have a look at the release notes


It's quit well documented how to get started. But before you have to build
the image with the Momentics tool chain. Please have a look at the


how you can do this !