QSPI on beagleboard for Flash

I am interested in using quad SPI on beagleboard for interfacing my hardware to it.
I see that flash memory on beagleboard is supported over QSPI. And I don’t see QSPI pins on GPIO header.
I would like to know if I can connect my hardware over QSPI to beagle board.
Here i am using Spansion S25FL512s flash device on BBB
Can someone help me understand this?

searching the AM3359 data sheet, i don’t see qspi, also not listed in the spread sheet I have.

So we can use QSPI on BBB or not?

The expansion connector on the Beagleboard black does not have QSPI. The beaglebord V is the only one I found where the expansion connector has QSPI, but it is RISC-V based.

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