Qt for Beagleboard, compiling problems

Hello every BeagleBoard lover.
I have recently bought a BeagleBoard to get started using embedded
Linux. I've decided to give Qt/Embedded a go, as it would fit my need
to do OpenCV applications (with LI-5M03 camera)

So does anyone who have a good guide to getting started with Qt for
the Beagleboard?
Currently I have been trying for quite a while to get the SDK
generated by Narcissus (Qt/Embedded) to work on Ubuntu, but I have
experienced a lot of compiling issues in my progress.

After a lot of struggling with first installing Qt creator, finding
out I had to install Qt4 Qmake, and then afterwards changing the
environment-setup (the one from the extracted SDK) I have finally got
the example from the bottom of this page compiled:
Though the application is working on the BeagleBoard, it is very slow
and is lagging.

But then I wanted to compile this project:
But I can't get it working as I receive some errors about it doesn't
know QWidget fx.

So what do you recommend? Not using the Narcissus SDK and images, and
generate your own?
Do you have good tutorials for this, when I want to use Qt/Embedded
(or do you recommend Qt4 instead, but doesn't it require a desktop)?
And what about compiling the applications, any good tutorials for this

Best Regards
Thomas Jespersen

No, generating your own is assbackwards. Either use the narcissus one or use http://www.angstrom-distribution.org/building-angstrom