QT GUI for BB Board

Hi, I need to develop a GUI application on BB to control Servo (specially Dynamixels) and they provide DynamixelSDK to command control the Servos. So I am preferring to develop application on Visual Studio on windows and cross compile it using visualGDB and deploy to BB Board. Since I am new to Qt, can anybody please help any gui-test example to control the Servo from BB and how can I use ServoSDK in this? Please help or suggest.

BR /Ash

Hello BR/Ash

I´d like to help you.
What do you need ?

Hi Alexandre, Thanks for your reply.

well, I need to develop a simple GUI application on Beaglebone Board to control the Servo (in my case it’s Dynamixel) parameters like speed, mode, direction…etc. The Servo provider provides the SDK based on API and protocol. I wish to use this SDK while Integrate with Qt-gui. I individually tested the SDK to control the servo, but how to integrated it with Qt-gui, I am new to this. Any test example or suggestions would be highly appreciated. Please help.


You've basically just repeated your original message, which doesn't
really help anyone in offering assistance.

  You are unlikely to get any "test example" as that requires someone
else to have similar hardware (servo).

  The particular GUI toolkit is likely irrelevant. You need to define
what operations of the servo you want to expose to the user of the GUI
application, you need to decide what type of controls the GUI toolkit
provides best map to each operation, and you then need to create call-back
functions (most GUI toolkits these days rely upon call-backs to implement
operations -- whereas the ancient Amiga required one to code the
"main-loop" which received event messages and had to dispatch to the
appropriate function; hmmm, looks like PyGame also uses user-defined
main-loop). Call-back functions need to be short and fast, as the GUI will
be "hung" while a call-back is processing.
  Have you written code for ANY GUI system? Is the servo library
available from Python (may need to study the ctypes module to access the
servo library). I ask as there are lots of Python-based frameworks for the
various low-level GUI back-ends, which may be easier to code for. Any code
for a call-back event handling system? Have you studied any tutorials for
the GUI framework you intend to use?
Consider looking at the docs for PySimpleGUI -- since the above linked
article implies that one can select from Qt, WxPython, Tkinter, and some
other for the actual back-end.
(separate pip install for each backend -- pysimpleguiqt vs pysimpleguiwx,

  Current Qt for Python appears to be pyside2, so that documentation may
be relevant.

  If doing "native" GUI you may be impacted by the API being either C or
C++ compatible.

Personally, I would suggest you learn Qt first and then try to implement with what you are trying to do.

However, there is this GitHub Repo that might be of interest to you.

Or have a look at SmartServoGui in the following link:



Thank you all for your kind suggestions and sharing the related material. I’ll go through it. :slight_smile: