QT on Beagleboard - Newbie questions


I am a newbie to the world of Qt - hence the following questions might look too primitive. Please bear with me and help me out with these:

  1. I need to run a Qt application on Beagleboard. On a desktop, I have to install Qt libraries and the application runs fine. On Beagleboard, I understand that I need to be using embedded variant of Qt. And that the application needs to be rebuilt using the embedded variant of Qt. Is my understanding correct?

  2. This link - http://wiki.davincidsp.com/index.php/Building_Qt - details the steps involved in building Qt. I understand that following this will install a optimized version of Qt with OpenGL ES2.0 and OpenVG support. Do I need to follow this guide to have my Qt application up and running on Beagle?
    Please let me know.

Find my answer below in bold:


P.S. The stride issue of Qt is fixed that was holding us back from running Qt on earlier versions of beagleboard

I've build qte with code sourgery toolchain before.. qt application
can run on beagleboard.
but in my previous test the opengl demo cannot works very well, some
demo cannot run.

Hi All,

I am trying to compile linux kernel that comes along with DVSDK, kindly let me what steps needs to be followed while building the same for beagle board/devkit8000.

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That’s nonsense, qt4-x11 is working fine on omap3 platforms.

Hi Radha
   Please check the thread "development of simple GUI application" at
this URL:

Qt4-X11 and embedded Qt4 are discussed there. I could install and use
both of them on BeagleBoard.