Query on Beaglebone Black Rev C

I have recently purchased Beaglebone Black Rev C from Arrow and am facing following problems when interfacing with a Windows 10 pc. I have updated my BBB with latest Debian image (Linux 10) and installed the drivers for Windows. But when I am connecting the BBB with my PC through USB, there is a CDC ECM error in device manager. Also I am trying to open Getting Started page in beagleboard.org, but it is not detecting my BBB (options on the left side not become green).
Kindly suggest some solution.

Thanks & Regards,
Abhijit Chatterjee

Hi Abhijit,

Are you seeing any errors in device manager? does your BBB recognised by your PC?

You might need to disable the driver signing check on your Windows 8 system:

What image is installed on your BBB?

Also, I have been having an issue getting the BeagleBoard site to recognize my BBB so I think there is an issue with the site. I have filed an issue for this on the BeagleBoard github but have not seen anything posted about it. You might want to check Developers Tools in your browser to see an issue, but if the board is not connecting to your Windows system I do not think the BeagleBoard site will pick it up.




I am pretty sure that the BeagleBoard.org people made their own drivers for the newer images they produce.


P.S. That CDC ECM error shows on my Win 10 computer also. I just boot the board, sign in via debian/tmppwd, and then I can alter the BBB.

You might have a look at this as well.