Question about Cloud9 IDE connection


I am trying to understand how cloud9 identifies my pocket beagle through a USB connection. It seems to me that the USB connection from my computer to my pocket beagle is actually being converted to serial on the the board so I am trying to figure out if there is a way I could connect my pocket beagle to cloud9 with an ESP32 module connected to the pocket beagle over UART. Intuitively, I think it should be possible if the USB connection is really just being converted to serial since the ESP32 would essentially just be replacing the USB cable connection with a wireless connection but I’ve been looking online to see if anybody else has done anything similar and I’m pretty stuck at this point.


It's a USB composite device, made up 3 usb devices: USB flash, USB CDC
(serial), and USB RNDIS (Ethernet)...

Connect your ESP32, to a level snifter for 3.3v and connect it to the
BBB over the headers..


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I'd say setup a serial/tcp tunnel/bridge..

The ESP32 is just going to get in the way... Get a real WiFi adapter..