Question about the X15 Expansion connectors

​I’m looking forward to porting BeagleLogic to run on the BeagleBoard X15 when it’s available. For that I’d also need access to the pins on the expansion connectors being present on the X15 to build a matching expansion board to break the PRU input and other pins so needed.

I wanted to know:
(i) the part number of the connectors I need to order that can mate with the X15
(ii) that excerpt of the schematic / mechanical drawing showing the pinout / location of those connectors on the board so that I can design my board considering those dimensions and pin layouts in mind.

I also look forward to be able to release the board design as OSH once it’s done and tested.

Best Regards

P.S. any support in sourcing the relevant connectors or requesting a sample for them would be greatly appreciated.

You will need to wait until all this goes public.