Questions About BeagleBoard Recovery Web Page

I have some questions about the USB recovery procedure on this page:

1. Does the board have to be powered on through the 5v power connector for this procedure?

2. What cables do I need to connect for USB recovery to work?

    --do I need to have a USB "OTG" cable connected for this procedure?
   --do I need to have a USB A-to-A cable connected?

   --both these things?


Bob Cochran

You need only a USB OTG, USB A to A not neccessary for recovery procedure. For 5v power, I tried only with OTG cable, that feeds the board over USB connector, this works but sometimes this brings out some errors and cutoffs so I think you should use a 5v power source. and you can follow this link for USB recovery This is a good guide for this. Good luck

2010/12/28 Bob Cochran <>