Questions about enabling SPI0

Hello, I am trying to enable Adafruit’s 1.44 Color TFT LCD, which is controled by ST7735R via SPI bus.

Because FBTFT driver, which is one of the Linux kernel’s staging driver, supports this chip, I used this driver and connect this LCD kit with BBB’s SPI0 PIN headers.

When I wrote my own device tree to enable SPI0 and FBTFT Driver, It seems that SPI0’s SCLK and MOSI pins don’t work, but CS pin and other GPIOs works well.

While debugging my problems, I have some questings :

Re “Why make SPI SCLK an input?”

Here’s a clip from one of my dtsi files:

Thanks a lot!

I am still struggling to solve my issues, but your comment was a good lesson to me.

Merry Christmas!

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Heechol Yang

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