R43, 0 Ohm Resistor on Rev C4

The beagleboard has a 0 Ohm resistor labeled R43 coming off the VBUS
pin of the TPS65950. What is the purpose of this resistor?

It was placed as an option in the initial design in case there was a need for the VBUS detection to be isolated from the TPS65950. As it is a zero ohm, the connection is always connected by default and is the way it should be used for normal operation. I often add resistors in early stages of development, in particular when the documentation at the time is early, as in nonreleased information. It is easier to add it in in the initial design than it is to try and add it later. When the design was done, the TPS65950 wasn’t even a real part. We used another part that the TPS65950 replaced.