Radio Spares (UK) - BBB - Out of Stock


Is it really the case that BBB rev c is going to be out of stock until late September in the UK?

Radio Spares (UK) state ETA of late September before restock.

Meanwhile, really keen to get my hands on a BBB and 3 months is an awfully long to wait if I’ve misunderstood the supply problem.

Many thanks,


They may be out of stock, but bear in mind they are not the only place on the planet that sells them either. Try ordering from boardzoo, digikey, adafruit, Newark, Allied, or a whole list of other places.


Thank you Eric,

No matter where I look, everyone is out of stock and back order lists are lengthy.

I mention RS, here in the UK, as they are a large supplier here in the UK and are called “Allied” in the USA. You list Allied in your suggestion for sources of BBB’s.

Anyway, back to the drawing board, or should I say empty breadboard? . . .

Thanks for the suggestions meanwhile,


You could try Farnell. They are manufacturing their own boards using
the same design, and have a UK presence.


Thank you, David.

I just ordered it from Farnell and who have the least UK waiting time.

Thank you again for the pointer, it is very much appreciated.


fyi newark/farnell/element14 one in the same. has them in stock

Oops, too late, only Embest left

No worries.

One month waiting is better that three.

Thanks anyway,