RE: Backing Up the Onboard Flash w/ a Fat Formatted SD Card/Seth


I am backing up my onboard flash to a SD Card. I want to preserve the .img file as is for now. Now, I read about this idea on the BB Cookbook book. The USR0 LED should not blink and stay steady on when completed but I have run this script for 30 minutes and my USR0 LED is “double” blinking still.

What is happening? Is it done or did the script and downloaded files from the BB Cookbook get altered?


P.S. If you are using the BBB and trying to back up the eMMC on to a SD Card, let me know what to expect please. Show some sympathy. BBB!

Hello Again,

It is me! Anyway…the dang USR0 LED still wants to stay in “double” blinking mode while the script runs. Oh and I will unplug it soon after turning off the power w/ the power button.


P.S. is a book. I will be using this book to do things w/ the BBB and Python. If you are bored, pick it up today and we can blah, blah, blah about it for fun. Boy! has a free book each day, every day. Get one and let me know which one you have. Fun time!

Hi Mala Dies,
Unfortunately I’m not here for giving you a solution, but I’m having similar problems and I hope you will help me.

Do you know if the BBB Wireless works with a 32 GB micro SD card… or only with a 4 GB one?

How should the USR Leds (0-1-2-3) blink? Is it true that BBB during installation should blink with a “knight rider” flashing pattern?
How long should all the USR leds remain blinked?

Thank you Mala and good luck!

Hello and Notta…

The script failed or I turned off the BBB too soon. Either way, I have moved on. I am closing this message as “no action needed.”



The BBB will work w/ larger SD Cards and you can grow your partition to add extra space:

If you are updating the .img file and getting a new image, then yes. The lights go from left to right and back and repeats but this is only if you are using the flasher image and not the SD Card image/Stand Alone image.

Now, if you are trying to back up your onboard flash, the light array will be different. LED/USR0 will blink twice and then twice again until it has completed. Then, it should show steady on w/out blinking.


P.S. I hope this helps.