RE: [beagleboard] Trying to update X-Loader and U-Boot on Classic BeagleBoard


I have a “Classic” BeagleBoard, Rev C3, and I’m having a few issues.

My first problem (which I still have) is that I’m experiencing a Linux Kernel crash when I try to shutdown with both the Angstrom Linux build and the Fedora 17 beta.

Thinking this might be being caused by out-of-date U-Boot and X-Loader versions, I tried to update these to newer versions, and that’s where my problems and confusion have spiraled.

I’ve managed to get the system updated slightly with the versions at, but the U-Boot here is still pretty old.

According to, it should be possible to get the board running with versions built from the two URLs on that page. I’ve managed to get the X-Loader to build and run, but can’t get any newer version of U-Boot to ever respond.

There seems to be a completely different X-Loader at, This seems to identify itself as “U-Boot SBL”, and tries to load a u-boot.img file, rather than a u-boot.bin file. If I combine this with the u-boot.img file on the same page, I can get a new u-boot running temporarily (using the User button), but I’ve completely failed to get the alternative X-Loader to load from flash - it just spits out a lot of “Error: Bad compare! failed” messages and then freezes. I’ve tried various permutations of programming, as the instructions on that page are slightly different from what’s in the “reset.scr” file available from the page.

Hi Michael,

X-Loader is now built when you build U-Boot. You don’t have to build it separately and if you did, it wouldn’t work. It is difficult to keep all these wikis up to date so I would recommend that you use Angstrom to build everything you need because there are some very smart and hard working people who resolve these kinds of issues for you. If you want to learn how these modules are built, you can always read the log files generated by Angstrom in the work///temp folder. Koen Kooi has made Angstrom very easy to install and lately, it works really well so I would suggest that you take advantage of the huge code base offered by Angstrom.

When you do “bitbake u-boot”, Angstrom will generate MLO and u-boot.img and these will work with the kernel which you generate with “bitbake virtual/kernel”. It is that simple and it always works. Don’t waste your time following outdated wikis.



Are either of these known issues, and which “flavour” of X-Loader is the recommended one?

Are there any known issues with any of the recent CodeSourcery compilers that would prevent U-Boot from starting, but still allow X-Loader to work?

Finally, is this worth doing, or should the old versions of X-Loader and U-Boot be good enough anyway?



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