RE: Black Attack!


My name is Seth. I just purchased the Black. I cannot get things to work (as usual). I know it is me.

I can get things processed through the website and I am showing that my Black is supported by the site. I tried to get my new image file (.img) working by downloading it using the set of instructions. I used every step back and forth. I have ruined a port or SD card so far.

I tried using a USB flash drive but I got the same pop up. The pop up says, “This type of file can harm your device.” I am reluctant to try to click yes again. My SD Card and SD card drive are fried.

What is a brother to do?



Start here.

Nothing harmful there no matter what the screen says…


If you are using IE be aware that for the past few days I have had the same problem with any file I try to download. I believe it is due to some internet security crapware update. Try downloading it with chrome. It has worked for me thus far.

On the getting started page, it says not to use IE.