Re-Design Issues with OrCAD/Allegro

To begin, I am a student using the OrCAD/Allegro 16.2 design package
to modify the "BeagleBoard-xM" design for our specific project. I am
having issues with my design. Using the original OrCAD schematic and
Allegro board files provided, I needed to remove select components and
signals from the original schematic. When I began, I removed each
component and signal on the schematic, but no changes were updated on
the board file; therefore I went through the board file in Allegro and
deleted each component based off of the changes made in the schematic.
After presenting the changes to the professors who are advising, they
said that our design will not be accepted unless we can synchronize
the ORIGINAL schematic and board file, so that, when a component is
deleted in the schematic the component is simultaneously removed from
the layout and the board file is updated.

How can I go about doing this properly? Are there are tutorials
available? If possible, could someone help me out and guide me through
the process so that I can re-modify our design as quickly as possible?
I can be available through email or phone.



The board file is not connected to the schematic. The schematic creates a netlist that is read into the layout tool. That tells the layout tool the changes. It is then up to you to make those changes using the layout tool.